Month long India itinerary

Taj Mahal

Planning a month long India itinerary is a daunting task as the country is geographically vast and has innumerable cities, temples and sights worthy of a visit.

Most first time visitors usually partake in the popular “Golden Triangle” route that consists of:

  • Delhi
  • Agra
  • Jaipur

This route can be accomplished in a week and gives first timers like me a quick taste of some of this incomparable country’s greatest attractions.

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Traveling to India. Am I nuts?



My next adventure will take me to the mystical Indian subcontinent. As I announced it to my family and friends I was greeted with bewilderment and questions of: Why? Are you crazy?

I myself began to question whether or not it was a good idea as I was told:

  • It’s extremely dangerous, especially traveling by road
  • It’s filthy and extremely hot and the stench can be unbearable
  • You will get sick (most likely food poising aka “Delhi Belly”)
  • You will get scammed and/or pick pocketed
  • Poverty abounds and beggars will be relentless
  • The mass of people leaves you with no “personal space”

All these above points are indeed valid yet the fact remained that I was planning on travelling during the freezing Canadian winter months of January and February and there are only so many travel destinations to visit during those months other than the usual Caribbean island hotspots that all fellow Canadians seem to visit during the long winter chill.… Read the rest